Fascinated by Rhythmic Gymnastics since I was 5 years old and illustrator by vocation and profession, I created this gallery to share my passion through my drawings.


I started to practice RG during my Art studies, after having started dance at 5 years old and was then able to evolve in group and as individual. I live in Paris and have been working for years on digital learning training courses to illustrate many different subjects. I now produce personalized drawings in relation to my passion.

The emotions when watching RG routines inspired me to try and recreate, on paper, some of these choreographical wonders, to give the sensation of seeing the movement again.

Each gymnast has a personality, a morphology, a way of moving, a characteristic style.
From my research for sketches was born the gallery of movement decompositions, completed over the years and which represents some memorable routine extracts.

By looking more closely, my portrait gallery highlights the details and expressions communicated by the gymnast that make their interpretation unique.

I hope that my tribute will please them, as well as all of those passionate about RG.

Many gymnasts I would like to portray do not appear there yet because each drawing takes me a lot of time to realize. I will complete this gallery over time.

Thanks to everyone who contribute to this beautiful sport which is Rhythmic Gymnastics, which is for me Art in motion.


Nb : For the movement drawings, the arrows above images show the direction.