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Welcome to my gallery website!

I am Catherine, illustrator based in Paris. I have been working for several years with coloured pencils in a realistic style and bright colours.

Fascinated by rhythmic gymnastics since my childwood, I have created galleries of movement sketches and portraits, sharing my passion through my drawings. RG is for me Art in Motion and allowed me to show what I could offer through my sensitivity.


First of all, the emotions I felt in front of some gymnastic routines gave me the desire to try to reproduce on paper a part of these marvellous choreographies, to have the sensation of seeing the movement again. Also, each gymnast has a personality, a morphology, a way of moving, a characteristic style. From my research of sketches was born the gallery "movements", which represents passages of sequences which marked me.

I took then my coloured pencils to work on highlighting expressions and details in my "portraits" gallery. I try to highlight each face, each personality and to bring out the best in them.

After obtaining an European diploma in Graphic Design (High National Diploma) in Angers (49), 14 years of experience as an illustrator in digital learning have allowed me to illustrate a wide variety of subjects. I now produce personalized  portraits. Gymnastics, groups, families, children, animal portraits and other diverse subjects.



Feel free to contact me. I will be happy to accompany you in the realization of your project.


Exhibition Eurogym International (Paris 13), 2021

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